About NUXE

NUXE is a French skincare and spa brand.
Founded in 1957 by a pharmacist who had a passionate interest in aromatherapy and phytotherapy, NUXE bases its expertise on advanced product performance, respect for nature and pleasure of use.
Today NUXE is distributed in more than 5 000 points of sale in France and is sold in 65 countries worldwide.
Since its creation, NUXE has received numerous professionals and consumers awards rewarding its innovation and know-how.

Hotel Line

“Rêve de Miel” is NUXE’s most successful retail line which based on «pure honey» with ancestral beneficial properties.
The NUXE guest amenity line is based on this “Rêve de Miel”.
It is suitable to dry and sensitive skin and has a soft and sweet honey fragrance.